1. What is EvolutionApps?

EvolutionApps, or “Evolution: Applications in Environment, Medicine, and Society,” is a collection of two page-vignettes on the applications of evolution to topics that impact our world in a variety of ways. The concept is to identify primary research papers that have exciting applications of evolution to areas of impact on the environment (climate change, conservation, biotic assembly, etc.), medicine (infectious disease, genomics, human phenotypic variation, etc.) and society (agriculture, law, computation, language, etc.). Contributors then develop a lay summary (2 page, 2 figure/table) of the research topic for use in teaching efforts at high school, college, and political levels. We envision graduate seminars and/or lab groups focused on developing such vignettes and submitting for peer review via EasyChair at https://easychair.org/cfp/EvolApps2019. We are developing a distinguished Program Committee to review vignettes and welcome additions to the Program Committee as well.  The top 50 vignettes will be published in a volume by Oxford University Press with up to four articles winning a cash prize. We hope faculty and graduate students will organize around the world and produce exciting vignettes for submission by our May 31, 2019 deadline. You can find more information and some example vignettes at https://www.evolutionapps.org/.

2. What is the typical team for contributing to the volume?

The team can consist of whomever is appropriate for the submission. We generally envision a group of three or four graduate students and their supervisor(s).

3. Can a team propose several vignettes?

Teams are welcome to submit vignettes on the topics of their choice, and may submit as many as they like. The top 50 will be included in the volume, with approved vignettes also being published online by the Oxford University Press.

4. How will the authors of the vignettes be credited in the volume?

The vignettes will be treated much like chapters in an edited volume, thus, the authors will be credited with peer-reviewed publications contributing chapters to such a volume.

5. Is it acceptable for the topic of the vignette to be other than research produced by the team’s lab, but rather an unrelated research topic that the team finds particularly valuable in its application of evolution?

This is absolutely acceptable; contributors may propose any topic they wish that would seem to fit the goal of the volume.

6.) Do I need to be part of a research team in order to make a submission?

Not at all; individual contributors and researchers are welcome to submit to the project.